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Serverless, or Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), boosts developer productivity by fully taking over cloud infrastructure management, allowing the developers to focus exclusively on their service’s business logic. This labor division introduces new bottlenecks and optimization opportunities, calling for systems researchers to study and innovate. Problematically, leading serverless providers rely on proprietary infrastructure that is ill-suited for systems research.

To enable unencumbered research in serverless systems, we developed vHive, a full-stack open-source ecosystem for serverless clouds benchmarking, experimentation, and innovation. vHive is representative of real serverless clouds, as recognized by leading serverless providers and an ASPLOS'21 Distinguished Artifact Award, and integrates production-grade components, including AWS Firecracker, Containerd and Kubernetes. Now, vHive is in use at over 38 universities and companies world-wide.

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What is Serverless Computing?

Explore the academic and practical perspectives on serverless computing
Find more on YouTube (ASPLOS'22) and slides (SOSP'23)

Intro to serverless cloud architecture

Working with a real-world serverless cloud (AWS Lambda)

The vHive Ecosystem


Benchmark serverless clouds with STeLLAR, both end-to-end and in-depth.

vHive Framework

vHive is a full-stack open-source framework for serverless experimentation, integrating production technologies.

vSwarm Benchmark Suite

vSwarm contains 30+ microbenchmarks and 8 complex applications with distributed tracing and low-level profiling support.

vSwarm-μ for Gem5

Study the architectural and microarchitectural implications of serverless in the Gem-5 full-system simulator using vSwarm-μ.

vHive OpenYurt
Run serverless functions atop of geo-distributed OpenYurt cloud-edge deployments. TBA

vHive Airflow
Program serverless workflows with our Apache Airflow atop of Knative.

Reproduce and analyze serverless clusters with In-Vitro in a small-scale lab setting using production traces.


  • The Neglected Cost of Serverless Cluster Management. Lazar Cvetković, Rodrigo Fonseca, Ana Klimovic. WORDS@SOSP'23
  • Enabling In-Vitro Serverless Systems Research. D. Ustiugov, D. Park, L. Cvetković, M. Djokic, H. Hè, B. Grot, A. Klimovic. WORDS@SOSP'23
    PDF Slides GitHub
  • Lukewarm Serverless Functions: Characterization and Optimization. D. Schall, A. Margaritov, D. Ustiugov, A. Sandberg, B. Grot. ISCA'22
    PDF GitHub
  • Analyzing Tail Latency in Serverless Clouds with STeLLAR. D.Ustiugov, T.Amariucai, B.Grot. IISWC'21
    PDF Video GitHub
  • Benchmarking, Analysis, and Optimization of Serverless Function Snapshots. D.Ustiugov, P.Petrov, M.Kogias, E.Bugnion, B.Grot. ASPLOS'21, Distinguished Artifact Award
    PDF Video GitHub

Tutorials and Workshops

  1. Tutorials on vHive & Serverless at ASPLOS'22 and SOSP'23.
  2. 1st Workshop on SErverless Systems, Applications and MEthodologies (SESAME) at EuroSys'23.

Steering Committee

Dmitrii Ustiugov (NTU Singapore)
Boris Grot (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Ana Klimovic (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)


David Schall, Shyam Jesalpura, Dilina Dehigama (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Lazar Cvetković, Theodor Amariucai (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Mihajlo Djokic (IBM Research and ETH Zurich)
Rustem Feyzkhanov (Instrumental, USA)
Francisco Romero (Stanford University, USA)

The vHive Community Members & Users

Industry: AMD, Arm, AWS Lambda, Huawei, Intel, Instrumental, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Research, IBM Research
Academia: NTU Singapore, U of Edinburgh, EPFL, ETHZ, SNU, UCSD, TU Munich, Cornell, MIT, Stanford, U of William and Mary, NTNU, U of Indiana, UIUC, NTUA, U of Texas at Austin, IIT Delhi, NIT Trichy, Imperial College London, U of Grenoble Alpes, ICS FORTH, Virginia Tech, Korea University, HKUST

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